Up & Away Trendy Tote
Up & Away Trendy Tote
Up & Away Trendy Tote

Up & Away Trendy Tote

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Need a trendy, high quality day tote to get you to work, daycare, the grocery store or the gym? Then this is the tote for you.

Made from soft and supple neoprene fabric, adjustable strap and metal hardware. Reversible, with large seamless pattern on one side, and smaller seamless pattern on the other. Tote is 18" wide and 14" tall (not including the strap.)
*** This item is made to order due to the custom strap colour, and may ship separately from your order. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. ***
  • Made in Canada from the highest quality materials & workmanship
  • 92% polyester, 8% spandex

    Soft and supple double knit neoprene fabric shell stretches and holds as you fill it.

  • Easy adjustable 44" strap

    Wear your bag at the length you like.

  • Customize your strap

    3 different fabrics and lots of colours to choose from.

  • Durable construction

    Strong metal hardware and professional bar tacking give your bag the durability you need day-to-day.