CLEARANCE Tuck-Wrap-Go Cover - Size 2 (M/L)

CLEARANCE Tuck-Wrap-Go Cover - Size 2 (M/L)

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Size 2 (M/L) fits approx. 15-40 lbs. Size 1 (NB/SM) fits 6-20 lbs and is available here.

Our 2-size adjustable system is easy and economical. You don't have to buy multiple sizes, and you don't have to contend with the poor fit of a one-size.

Designed by a Canadian mom and tested on her own babe, these covers are smart, user-friendly, and they WORK. Use them with lay-in inserts (reusable or disposable), prefolds, or for over fitted diapers. We recommend using our Size 2 Organic Flats for a perfect fit with your Size 2 cover. 


Dual layer PUL - most other brands are one layer

Soft double leg gussets

Front and rear flaps to tuck inserts into - no sliding