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how to care for your Nuggles:

  • PROPER CARE is essential in extending the life of your diapers. Remember though, even with the best care, they don't last forever! Washing too often, storing in wet pails, using harsh detergents, additives or treatments, and high dryer heat can prematurely wear out your diaper's fabrics and elastics.

  • PREPARATION is key! All diapers, covers and inserts should be washed before use. Natural fiber diapers or inserts containing bamboo should also be pre-washed and machine dried to open up the fibres, and full absorbency will not be achieved until after 8-10 washes. It is optional but not necessary to pre-wash bamboo inserts multiple times before using, just keep in mind they will work better with subsequent washing/drying.

  • USING CREAMS with cloth diapers: always use a cloth diaper safe cream. Do not use creams with a high zinc content (like Penaten for example) or a high petroleum jelly content. Avoid anything that is meant to create a non-water-permeable barrier on the skin, as these are difficult for detergents to remove from fabric and can cause loss of absorbency and leaking.


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SStore your clean, fully dry diapers, in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight or heat.

Store your dirty diapers in a dry pail or wetbag between washes. Dump solids into toilet before storing for wash day.

Don't soak your diapers in a wet pail (water or solution) as this may weaken elastics etc.

For long-term storage, make sure diapers have been sanitized and are fully dry before storing. Store in a breathable bag (old pillow case). Storing in an air tight container may encourage mold growth. 

WWash every 2-3 days.

Use a cold pre-rinse without detergent if you find it necessary (not recommended with untreated hard water.)

Wash on your heaviest setting (ie. heavy duty, power wash etc.) with warm to hot water and detergent.  For best results, use the setting that gives an agitation time greater than 45 minutes.

Do not use steam or sanitize options, or water temperatures that exceed 140°F/60°C. We do not recommend the frequent use of chlorine bleach.

DHang to dry, indoors or outdoors. Our Tuck-Wrap-Go covers and Swim Diapers will air dry within 2 hours. Bamboo inserts or diapers may take up to a day to fully dry, so machine drying may greatly reduce dry time.

Machine drying: tumble dry using LOW heat only, or AIR. Use dryer balls to soften inserts and fitted diapers. Do not use fabric softening sheets! 

Using high dryer heat repeatedly may cause degrading of elastics and PUL.

how to choose the right detergent

Is it "cloth diaper safe"?

Choose an effective detergent that is free from optical brighteners and stain removers, dyes and perfumes, fabric softeners and oils. If the detergent does not list ingredients, choose something else.

our warranty:

At Nuggles™ we have very high standards for quality control and we are proud of the excellent products we produce with relatively very few warranty issues. Each item is hand-inspected at our Canadian office before packaging.

When issues do arise, please refer to the downloadable PDF below to understand what is covered under warranty. Any questions regarding our warranty or eligibility should be directed to Nuggles Customer Care toll-free 1-877-795-6458 or

Our warranty does NOT cover: normal wear & tear, leaking, diaper odor, pilling, snags, shrinkage, fit or sizing issues. For our SWIM DIAPERS, delamination of PUL is not covered. To make a warranty claim please call 1-877-795-6458 or email We will require proof of purchase and images of the issue, including additional information, in order to process your claim.

Please ensure you follow our recommended care instructions. You can find specific instructions on the packaging included with your diapers, or outlined above.

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