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Get 5 to Give 5 with Nuggles for CHD Awareness Week! February 7 -14 2015

 Did you know:

  Congenital heart disease (CHD) is the world’s leading birth defect.

  About 1 in 80-100 Canadian children are born with CHD. 



This means, you probably know of, or are personally affected by someone born with a congenital heart defect. I'll admit, having two boys born healthy myself, I never gave a thought to the very real possibility of them being born with one of the many types of CHD's, and I had NO idea of how prevalent they are. It's not something that crosses one's mind.

My awareness of this (or lack of) all changed about one year ago when my friend Sara and her husband Justin were left reeling after their 10 day old baby boy was diagnosed with TAPV (Total Anomolous Pulmonary Venous Return). His diagnosis was what some call a total fluke (other's a miracle). He was able to receive life saving surgeries and medical interventions, and although still under routine monitoring, has a mended, working heart. He's a Heart Warrior.

You can read more about Jacob's Heart Warrior Story on our website's special feature page, launching tomorrow.

Get 5 to Give 5 with Nuggles! February 7-14, 2015

To help raise awareness for this disease, Nuggles!™ Modern Cloth Diapers will offer you 5% off all online orders the week of February 7-14, 2015. In addition, 5% of the proceeds of these sales will be donated directly to the Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance (CCHA). This organization  works closely with both adult and pediatric medical professionals and patients across Canada to raise awareness of congenital heart disease and the need for lifelong expert care. CCHA is the only non-profit organization in Canada that supports all Canadians with congenital heart defects. Find out more here.

How Else Can I Help?
You can help in so many ways! Volunteer, spread awareness, or donate directly to the cause!

DONATE NOW. Every little bit counts.

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