Are Newborn AIO Cloth Diapers Worth It.


Newborn sized AIO cloth diapers have a lot of benefits, but when it comes to the big financial numbers it might not be worth it for your family if you plan to only cloth diaper one newborn baby. 

However, not everyone cloth diapers for financial reasons. If finances were top of mind for every diapering choice then why would we even use disposable diapers?  That's probably a tangent for another day. 

There are many different ways to cloth diaper and keep costs low, but not all of them off the simplicity and trimness of a newborn AIO cloth diaper. Newborn cloth diapering is just like cloth diapering in that there are many different options available for you and your family.  

  • Use Newborn AIO Diapers from Birth until about 15lbs. 
  • Use Size 1 Covers & Inserts from Birth until about 20lbs.
  • Use OS Cloth Diapers when the stump falls off until potty trained. 
  • Used a mix stash of newborn options in the early weeks of newborn. 
  • And other ideas!

Keeping it simple, we are going to consider the questions involved with whether or not newborn al in one cloth diapers are worth it? 


Newborn All In One Diapers


All in One (AIO) Cloth Diapers are a cloth diaper style that is a complete package closely resembling the concpet of disposable diapering. The absorbency is sewn in and the diaper can be used as is without any additional products. It's a grab and go kind of thing with very little preperation needed. 

Newborn AIO are smaller diapers suited for 5-15lbs, and often have an umbilical snap down. 



Use from Birth, even at the hospital with the umbilical snap down. 

Simple one step system that closely resembles the steps of disposable diapering. 

Trim fit for under baby clothes. 

Stay dry experience to keep babies happier. 



Limited Absorbency (Bittee does offer a pocket to add a small insert to boost).

Not ideal for night time or heavy wetters.

Tend to be a smaller fitting newborn diaper with a shorter window of use. 

About the Nuggles Bittees


The Nuggles Bittees Stay Dry Newborn AIO is a one of a kind newborn cloth diaper fitting babies from about 5 - 15lbs. This is a complete package system and you don't need any other parts or pieces. It features a stay dry inner made of microfleece with a sewn in microfibre absorbency. This provides a neat little package of diapering awesomeness. 

Some of the unique features of the Nuggles Bittees include...


Umbilical Cord Care

Because many newborns will hold onto their umbilical cords for a few days to a few weeks, giving space for the area to heal is crucial to a healthy newborn. A simple snap on the front of the diaper allows the space for this to happen during the early days. 

Dual Leg Gusseting 

The leg gussets on the Nuggles Bittees are unique and may seem a little overkill to the unsuspecting observer, but this double gusset design is to help catch leaks and prevent wet clothes. Inside the diaper there is an elastic in the fleece creating the core inside of the diaper, and then a wide gusset of PUL with another elastic. When placing the diaper on baby you'll wantt o ensure you fold up the diaper and get the elastics in the crease of the legs (where underwear sits). The gusset is designed to catch any pee or poop messes that leak out past the first elastic. It's double protection for your cutest newborn. 


Pocket Design 

not all all in one cloth diapers are built the same, and a great feature on the Nuggles Bittees is the pocket design. An opening at both the front and back allows for quicker drying times but also the ability to add addtional absorbency should your baby need it while enjoying the stay dry of the fleece liner. 

This is the inside of the pocket. 


Easily stuff from the back and pull up with the front pocket. 


Waist Rise Snaps

Traditional rise snaps on a newborn diaper can be finicky and less than effective, that's why the choice of waist snaps for rise snaps is a great option for a newborn cloth diaper like the Bittees. When placing the diaper on baby choose a row of snaps that gives the best fit around baby's leg. If your baby is chunkier then maybe the top snaps, and if skinnier then the bottom snaps. You'll learn the snaps and find the best fit soon enough. If you need additional tightness aroudn the legs simply pull up the front corner of the diaper to create wings. 

Struggling with Leaks?

Some babies pee a lot and newborns are no excemption. If your diapers are leaking, we recommend adding a booster in the pocket of the Bittees or on top. This can help the diaper a little longer. 


Cost Comparison

This is for one baby and a stash of 30 newborn cloth diapers used over 12 weeks. The beauty of a cloth diaper stash is that it can be used for subsequent children. If this is your only child these are good numbers to compare, but if you plan on having more take into consideration those babies and the rising costs of disposable diapers over multiple children


$ 480

Stash of 30 Nuggles Newborn AIO Bittees.


$ 212

Standard Size 1/2 Disposable Diapers purchased online in bulk.


Values are in Canadian Dollars and assuming a stash a full time stash of 30 newborn AIO cloth diapers. Further assumptions include 12 diaper changes per day for the course of 12 weeks. Dispsoable diaper price vary between brands but the average cost is about $0.21CDN for Size 2 newborns bought in bulk off a major website. 

I choose a stash of 30 because I personally believe that's a more reasonable expectation for cloth diapering a newborn who pees and poops lots. Many recommendations say 24 changes but that's a lot of laundry and no wiggle room. Adjusting to motherhood is hard enough let alone the constant laundry worries. 

There are other costs associated to cloth diapering a newborn, but these extra's will be things you use throughout your cloth diapering journey. 


Side by side the numbers don't look good, and newborn all in one cloth diaper systems might not be the most fininancial sense for one baby. But, if you have plans for more babies then newborn cloth diapers might be a great investment for your family. 

Cloth Diapers also have a resale value, and if you get 50% of your initial value selling, you have then spent only $240 on your cloth diaper stash. Resale values are not gauranteed and sometimes things happen to diapers like dogs and  accidental garbage cans. 


Try a Few Newborn AIO


Money wise, it doesn't feel like a smart choice to use newborn AIO cloth diapers if this is your one and only baby. However, there are other reasons we choose to cloth diaper and if the budget allows the simplicity of a newborn AIO system is a fantastic way to start your cloth diapering journey. 

As with most things, the best answer to this question, is maybe. It's kinda worth it to use AIO newborn cloth diapers becuase of the many other great reasons to use AIO, not because of the finances.

If you're building a cloth diaper stash for your baby, considering picking up a few. Cloth diapering doesn't have to be all or nothing. You can have a stash of 6-8 Nuggles Bittees alongside other cloth diaper options. Perhaps, you're okay with just using the OS Nuggles Simplee from birth but from time to time you want the trimness and ease of the AIO. 

Create a stash that works for you and your budget. This will look different for everyone. 


My personal preference


I would totally cloth diaper with a newborn AIO stash with boosters. I love having a diaper that really is a trim fit on baby and fits underneath baby clothes without a fight. I love not worrying about the extra pieces when doing laundry and my husband found this to be simple and carefree cloth diapering style. 

I did struggle with leaks but that's easily fixed by adding a booster or even a cloth wipe.

In my experience, newborn cloth diapering is about adapting and using different diapers for different purposes. There is beauty in the newborn AIO in making me feel like cloth diapering is easy but also struggles for nights and naps. That's why we used the size 1 fitted diapers with size 1 Tuck - wrap- go covers for overnights with our newborn. It's also why we had a diverse stash of options to meet different needs as they changed. 

I would recommend a few newborn AIO for anyone wanting to start as soon as possible with a newborn infant. 

by Bailey Bouwman

Nuggles Bittees on my own baby - 2 days old, 2017.


Nuggles Bittees 6 weeks later, 2017



Bailey Bouwman

Bailey is a mom of two young and wild children living in the cold tundra of Northern BC. She had no idea what to do with her life and fell in love with cloth diapering where she continues her passion here at Nuggles as the Director of Happiness. 


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