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What to Pack to the Pool with Baby

Summer days at the lake or splash pad are now over for this Canadian brand, but we still have our eyes on the public pool.  Which brings us to the question: what do you bring for a baby? And what kind of diapers can you wear in the pool? 

Every pool has their own rules and regulations for diapered babies, but here at Nuggles we are working hard to make reusable swim diapers like the Nuggles Swimsees the recommended diaper of choice for all babies swimming. 

Introducing young babies and children to the pool early on helps build confidence in and around the water, and begins to teach the foundations of water safety. The pool can be a fun retreat during the cold days of winter. Swim lessons typically start around 6 months of age for parent and baby led activities. 

You might even find Nuggles Swimsees Reusable Swim Diaper at the front desk or in the shop of your local pool.

What do I Bring to Swim Lessons?

You don’t need to bring much to the pool for swim lessons, just remember these key things and adapt depending on your pools rules and personal preferences. 

  1. Swim diaper for baby
  2. Swim Suit for you
  3. Towels
  4. Lock or maybe Quarters/tokens for the lockers
  5. Soap or Shampoo to wash up afterwards
  6. Extra diapers because you need one for the way home. 
  7. Snacks and/or drinks

Nice to Have

  • Hanging Wet Bag for wet towels or just a small wet bag for wet swim suits and diapers.
  • Changing Mat to lay baby down on.
  • An extra swim diaper in case poop happens and you want to go back in. 
  • A few toys to entertain baby while they wait for you to get dressed
  • Deck/shower shoes

Why Choose a Reusable Swim Diaper?

Opting for a reusable swim diaper over a disposable swim diaper is an ideal choice for many pools and families. Many families don’t know that cloth or disposable, swim diapers don’t catch pee. They are designed not to hold water because you’re in a pool.

All types of swim diapers serve one purpose: to keep poop out of the pool. 

We think the best way to keep poop out of the pool is with real elastics, and a double set with our innovative mesh sling. . 

  • Saves you money: the Nuggles Swimsees Reusable Swim Diaper fits 8-35lbs. This one size design means that the diaper will last you from birth to potty training with just one purchase. On average, single-use swim diapers cost 60-90 cents each.
  • Saves you time: with a reusable swim diaper you’ll never have to rush to the store for a package of swim diapers again. You are always ready to hit the pool and the diaper is always going to fit.
  • Easy to Care For:  If the diaper has been soiled, shake it into the toilet and rinse it out as needed. Then you can wash it with your swim suits or other swimming gear and hang to dry. No special routine needed.  
  • Super Cute, No Suit Needed: Rock the pool with just your Nuggles Swimsees. Swim Diapers are adorable and the perfect fashion accessory to any pool day.  
  • Benefits Pools: cloth swim diapers with leg elastics  excel at keeping feces out of the pool ensuring the pool is not closed for cleaning and disrupting regular service. Switching to a cloth requirement instead of a double disposable set-up can help pools reduce code brown closures. 
  • Save the Environment: it’s just one diaper you can easily divert from the landfill by replacing with an easy-to-wash cloth option. Anyone can use a swim diaper, and it takes just one Nuggles Swimsees from birth to potty training for all your swimming needs compared to dozens of single-use versions. Swim  Diapers can be passed onto other families and be reused indefinitely until the elastics no longer work. Nuggles Swimsees are manufactured responsibly overseas. 
  •  Double the Elastic: the Nuggles Swimsees features a double protection for keeping the icky in. A mesh sling in the middle of the diaper can be custom adjusted to comfortably sit against baby’s bottom, while the leg elastics and back elastics provide additional coverage and protection. The double elastic system is designed to keep poop out of pools.

Now you're ready for Swimming Lessons

Let us know in the comment sections how you master swim class with little ones from the gadgets you bring or the processes you rely on.  If you use a Nuggles Swimsees, come and show it off in our online community or on Instagram using #NugglesLove. 

We know the pool is an intimidating place to take tiny children but it's always worth it; at least for the post-swim lessons nap. 

Bailey Bouwman

Bailey is a mom of two young and wild children living in the cold tundra of Northern BC. She fell in love with cloth diapering where she continues her passion here at Nuggles as the Director of Happiness.  Bailey loves social media, chewy candies, and chasing waterfalls.