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Tuck-Wrap-Go Cover

Looking for a cloth diaper cover that works for fitted diapers and prefolds? The Nuggles Tuck-Wrap-Go Cover is the choice for you. This two-size cloth diaper can be paired with the absorbency of your choice and work for the stage of life you’re in. 

What is a Cover?

It’s just a water proof shell that you fastened around baby. 

Sold separately from inserts, covers give you the control of what you put in it. 

Is it TPU or PUL? All TPU is PUL, but not all PUL is TPU. There are different ways to treat textiles to have a waterproof coating.  TPU is thermal polyurethane material that is heat bonded together. At Nuggles, we use TPU, but from time-to-time, we do just call it PUL. Thermal bonding is a better process for the environment compared to the chemical processing method. 

The Nuggles Tuck-Wrap-Go Cover

Designed for you to TUCK in an insert, WRAP onto baby, and just GO, the Tuck-Wrap-Go Cover is available in two sizes to fit newborns to toddlers: size 1 & size 2. It's a perfect choice for prefolds, flats, inserts and fitted cloth diapers. 

We recommend the size 1 for newborns (6-20lbs) and the size 2 (15-40lbs )for babies and toddlers over 15lbs.

Each sized cloth diaper cover features rise settings for size perfection, and a double waist snap to find a comfortable fit. This two size system gives you the best fit possible. 

Wipeable dual layer TPU gives extended re-use out of the Tuck-Wrap-Go cover. A soft dual elastics gives you the room for prefolds and fitted diapers. 

A front and back flap in the diaper helps hold pad folded prefold in place while storing and using the diaper. Just tuck it in place.

Why a Cloth Diaper Cover?

Cloth diaper covers are a great choice for a number of reasons: budget, sizing, absorbency choice, and ease of care.

1. For families on a budget, cloth diaper covers allow you to re-use the diaper cover multiple times in one day. This means you just need one cover for every 3-4 diaper changes helping reduce the overall cost of a cloth diaper stash. This might not be a good choice for childcare providers. 

2. For families who want sizing options, the tuck-wrap-go system is perfect choice to cloth diaper from newborn days to toddlerhood. This two size system fits tiny babies and big babies. It means having a diaper that always fit even if babies are born small and/or grow quickly. 

Some families in our chat community have noted that this was perfect for multiple kids. It meant they had one stash for the youngest of babies, and a second stash for their toddler that gave a perfect fit for each kid (despite one being 10lbs and the other being 35lbs). 

3. For families who want absorbency options, the tuck-wrap-go system is perfect for them because you can choose to use prefolds, inserts, and/or fitted diapers. You could use a little of everything to meet your changing absorbency needs from daytime to night, and even nap.

4. For families looking for easy to launder and quick to dry systems, the tuck-wrap-go paired with flats or prefolds is a must-have. Our covers are known to dry quickly (within 2-4 hours) and prefolds and flats dry up overnight just fine. This system is a no fuss in the wash, and easily adapted to hand washing. 

There's probably a few more reasons families choose cloth diaper covers as their go-to diapering choice. Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know. 

How to use a Cloth Diaper Cover?

First, adjust the front rise snaps on the diaper. The smallest snaps are for the smallest fit and if you leave it open it's great for a larger fit. There's no right or wrong answer here. Find what works best for your baby's snape and size to ensure you have a snug fit around the legs. A snug fit helps ensure that your baby's fluids stay in the diaper and absorbed in place. 

Second, set up your absorbency.

If you're using a fitted cloth diaper, or want to fold a prefold or flat onto baby, this is a good time to do so.

If you want to use a prefold pad folded, let's fold it up and tuck it into the diaper. Simply fold into thirds, or half, to get the size you want/need. Then tuck it under the front and back of the diaper cover flaps. 

Third, Wrap the diaper cover onto baby fastening securely in the front. The wings should be snapped to give a comfortable but secure fit. No need to pull tightly. 

This means getting the gusset elastics placed nicely into the thigh crease. We recommend holding your diaper cover like a taco as you pass it through the legs. This means bringing the leg elastics together and allowing the absorbency of the diaper to fall into the palm of you hand. 

The furthest elastic should sit into the crease of the leg without gaps.

Fourth, just go and have fun. 

If your diaper is leaving marks, let's chat. It is normal for their to be some indentation from the leg elastics, but it should go away in a few hours just like a tight sock elastic. If it doesn't, you might be putting your diaper on too tight, or have an incorrect fit. Feel free to connect with us or join our community to troubleshoot. 

How to care for a Cloth Diaper Cover?

Cloth diaper covers are easy to care for. 

However, just because they used medical grade PUL in enclaves at hospitals, doesn't mean ours is up for the test. The Nuggles Tuck-Wrap-Go is exposed PUL and this can be vulnerable to wear and tear in the washer and dryer. 

  • Be sure to keep metal zippers or metal snaps out of the same load of laundry.
  • Do not use steam or sanitize options, or water temperatures that exceed 140°F/60°C. 
  • We  would also recommend hanging to dry or tumble on low. 
  • We do not recommend the frequent use of chlorine bleach or the use of other caustic additives.

Noticing wear and tear? Scratches on the PUL? 

This happens if exposed to high temperatures, abrasive materials, and/or certain additives. It will be okay because Nuggles Tuck-Wrap-Go cover is made of two layers of PUL (not industry standard). This ensures double wetness protection as well as additional protection if the inner layer gets wear and tear or damaged. There's always another layer. 

Bailey Bouwman

Bailey is a mom of two young and wild children living in the cold tundra of Northern BC. She fell in love with cloth diapering where she continues her passion here at Nuggles as the Director of Happiness.  Bailey loves social media, chewy candies, and chasing waterfalls.