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Swim Diapers

You're ready to the hit the day at the lake, or maybe you're starting swim class, and you know you need a swim diaper. At first place you think disposable because that's the new modern norm available at the supermarket, but we're here to crush that. 

Reusable swim diapers are for every family. Simply wash like your swim suit and hang to dry. No special routines needed, and a perfect fit every time from 8 to 35 lbs.

What is a Swim Diaper?

It's simply a diaper designed to work in the pool. That means no inserts or absorbency. 

Modern swim diapers look like modern cloth diapers. We aren't talking about your grandmas rubber pants, but rather sleek modern designs with custom snaps and elastics.

The Nuggles Swim Diaper is the Swimsees™. It is a reusable swim diaper. 

Swim diapers have one job: keep poop out of the pool. See, poop is bad health day for everyone and can cause serious community health impacts. Poop in the pool shuts down the pool, and upsets the community. Nobody wants to be the parent of the pooper. That's why we use swim diapers. 

The disposable swim diaper is a recent addition to the market being designed at the end of the twenty-first century, but we still sing the praises of cloth because of its function, fit, and ease of use. 

Why a Swimsees™

Swimsees™ are unique because of the double elastic strategy. Unlike other swim diapers which rely on one row of elastics, the Nuggles Swimsees™ features a second set of adjustable elastics and mesh sling inside the diaper. 

This gives the functionality of doubling up with just one product. It adds as another layer of defence against poop leaks in pools. 

Here's a few other awesome reasons: 

  • One Purchase for Life - One Swimsees™ and you're done. There's no buying other sizes, more packages, or running out. It's one time investment that will last years.
  • Custom One Size Fit -  Swimsees™ offers a custom fit using snaps to adjust it to fit most babies in the approximate weight range of 8-35lbs. Because you don't need absorbency, it is a snug fit against the body compared to the cover. 
  • Easy to Adjust - Internal mesh elastics are adjusted with simple buttons, and the exterior size of the diaper is adjusted with snaps. Check out the video below for more details on putting it on baby. 
  • Simple to Launder - shake any poop in the toilet, and launder like a swim suit. You can even hand wash in the sink with a little soap. After, hang to dry. The Swim Diaper is a carefree as a pair of swim bottoms.
  • Elastic in the front, back, and at the legs -  is designed to keep it all in and provide the best possible diapering experience.

How to Use a Nuggles  Swimsees™

First, we need to adjust the diaper for baby and then put the diaper on baby. Adjusting the diaper for your child can be a learning process. Once set up, just leave it until they grow another size and the diaper fits too tight. No need to unsnap things to wash the diapers. As they grow, you may find yourself opening rise settings and closing them. This can happen as thighs change shape with activity. 

1. Adjust the rise setting for the size of your baby - The rise setting can be found in the front lower half of the diaper (the two rows of snaps). The smallest rise setting for smaller babies, and open rise for bigger babies. This might vary depending on the size of their legs. If you have leg gaps, this is often fixed by changing the mid snaps.

2. Adjust the mesh sling for your baby - using the button provided pull the elastic tighter or looser depending on the size of your baby. Again, choose a button hole based off your child's size, and if it's too tight when placing it on, go back and loosen. 

3. Put it on baby just like a diaper.

The widest part of the diaper is the back of the diaper. Place baby's bum there, and bring the narrow part through the leg with the elastics falling into the crease of the legs.  The front of the diaper sits under the belly button, and by pulling the wings around baby's waist you can fasten to the front. 

The diaper should fit snug; but not so tight it hurts or leaves deep red lines. 

4. Go for a swim or play! 

5. Poop Happened! Shake the poop into the toilet and give it a good rinse out. Now you can wash it.

How do I wash a Swim Diaper?

If there is poop, you need to rinse out the poop. Sometimes this means a quick dump into the  toilet, and sometimes this means a thorough rinse out. 

Now that the poop is gone, just launder it simply on warm or cold water with detergent. You can toss it into a load of laundry or towels or with your swimsuits. You can also hand wash it in the sink if you're traveling.  

Hang to dry, and repeat tomorrow. 

Bailey Bouwman

Bailey is a mom of two young and wild children living in the cold tundra of Northern BC. She fell in love with cloth diapering where she continues her passion here at Nuggles as the Director of Happiness.  Bailey loves social media, chewy candies, and chasing waterfalls.