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Nuggles Simplee

Looking for an easy-to-use one-size cloth diaper? Not interested in using cloth diaper covers or fitted diapers? Or maybe you just need something simple for the babysitter?

The Nuggles Simplee is a simple, straightforward cloth diaper designed just for you. It is an all-in-two (AI2) cloth diaper that is both a pocket diaper and a multi-use shell. This is a one-size cloth diaper with a weight range of 8-40lbs.

The Simplee comes with two bamboo inserts - one standard length and a shorter booster. These inserts snap together, and can be snapped into the diaper.  

How do I use the Simplee?

You know the basic types of cloth diaper - cover, pocket, AIO. The Simplee is a little of everything. We call it an All-In-Two diaper because the shell of the diaper is multi-use - and can be used in many ways. 

The Simplee is a simple pocket cloth diaper style. It features a TPU exterior with anti-pill microfleece liner and a set of bamboo inserts. The micro fleece lining has an opening at the front and back of the diaper with an interior snap at the front. 

Use this diaper like a pocket diaper by stuffing the inserts into the diaper. This will give you a stay-dry, easy-poop clean up, simple package for yourself or caregivers.

Use this diaper as a shell by laying the bamboo inserts on top of the stay-dry liner. You can replace wet inserts and reuse the shell multiple times until soiled.

Yes, you can purchase additional inserts. 

Choose to lay the inserts on top of the diaper and use once, or reuse the shell. 

Or stuff the inserts into the pocket of the diaper and use once. 

I love to snap the bamboo inserts and pretend this diaper is an AIO diaper. My inserts always agitate out in the wash, but stay attached to the diaper. Everything together in one easy package, like an AIO. If I want a stay dry feeling then I’ll put the inserts into the pocket and if not, I’ll leave them on top.

by Bailey

And yes, if the bamboo inserts are not absorbent enough, consider matching a prefold with a Nuggles Simplee. 

Might I suggest the 3ply Bamboo prefold? Perfect combo for heavy wetters overnight.

Making the Gussets Fit! 

The Nuggles Simplee (and Bittees) is designed with a unique gusset. This gusset is intended to act as a balloon and catch extra pee, if it happens. It's not like other guests. The first elastic in the crease of the leg and second elastic sits on the thigh.

The inner gusset is within the fleece layer, the outer gusset is the PUL.

With this space in between to catch any mess that escapes the first gusset.

With our user-friendly gussets, don’t worry about achieving a tight seal on the outer gusset, as long as the inner gusset is tight. The material in between the gussets is there to save any potential leaks 

Make the Most of Waist Snaps

The hip snap gives you diaper the best fit on baby. We have moved our hip snap from the bottom to the top in recent years to give you the best fit experience. 

For most, pull the wings around baby and snap the hip snap in the top row where it fits comfortably. Then fasten the remaining snaps. The diaper shouldn't be too tight or too loose. If it's hard to do up, it's probably too tight. If it falls off, it's probably too loose. You'll find that sweet spot. It's okay if the snaps are off centre. Give it a few weeks, there's always another growth spurt.

If you're struggling with with tiny legs and leg gaps - we recommend pulling the wings of the diapers up and over the front to help tighten the elastic along the leg crease.

This means pulling on the far corner of the front panel up. In the picture above everything is level, but in this situation you're going to have these little wings, or rabbit ears sticking above the diaper. It'll look weird. You should notice the leg elastics tighten into the leg crease and reduce gaps.

You can also try snapping the top hip snap into the bottom waist snap. Then snap the snaps like you regularly do (top to top, bottom to bottom). From here, you will again, pull the corners of the front panel up and over the diaper to create ears or wings. This is bulky, but helps tighten elastics over little legs. 

You make the snaps work for your. That means there is no perfect location to snapping. Snap where you want to snap. 

If you are still struggling with leaks? Be sure to troubleshoot these other ideas.

Taking Care of the Simplee

To launder your Simplee, simply toss it in the wash ( shake out the poop first). 

With openings in the back and the front, inserts agitate out of this diaper in most washing machines. This saves you the hassle of separating diapers on wash day.

We recommend a cold pre-rinse without detergent followed by a wash on your heaviest setting with warm to hot water and detergent. Do not use water that exceeds 140F or 60C, and avoid the use of chlorine bleach.

For best results, hang to dry, or consider using tumble dry on low heat, or air only.

Bailey Bouwman

Bailey is a mom of two young and wild children living in the cold tundra of Northern BC. She fell in love with cloth diapering where she continues her passion here at Nuggles as the Director of Happiness.  Bailey loves social media, chewy candies, and chasing waterfalls.