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How to Adjust the Rise Setting

Nuggles Simplee, Tuck-Wrap-Go Covers, Swim Diapers, and Fitted Cloth Diapers all come with rise settings. Adjusting the rise setting on the cloth diaper helps you get the best fit and prevent leaks, blow outs and other cloth diaper catastrophes. 


What is a Rise Setting?


The double row of snaps in the middle section of the diaper is the rise setting.  Don't confuse these with the top two rows of snaps which are the waist snaps for adjusting around baby's belly. 

The top row of snaps is snapped down to the size you need your diaper to be. This helps adjust the length of the diaper to meet smaller or bigger babies and reduce leg gap.

On the One Size Nuggles products there is a total of four rise settings (meaning 4 size ranges). On the sized Nuggles Products there are three rise settings (for a total of 3 sizes).


How do I choose a Rise Setting?


Choosing a rise setting is a bit of a guessing game because depending on the width of your child, the size of their legs, and their overall body proportions  depends on the snap. 

These factors influences which rise snap you need to snap into place.  It also depends on how much or little you are putting inside the diaper cover or pocket cloth diaper. 

If you find your baby gets bum crack, or trouble pulling the waist snaps around thighs, or you notice gaps along the leg crease, it will be time to adjust the rise setting to something more suitable to your child’s size. 

For some this will mean going up and for others it will mean going down. It's totally normal for rise snaps to change in both directions during a child's life. Many babies get to open rise setting around 9-12 months of age, but once they start running they need a smaller rise snap for the thinner legs. This change and flucation is a why rise settings on the exterior of the diaper is perfect for ease and convienence of changing babies. 

If there are no leg gaps and the leg elastics fit nicely in the crease of the leg without leaking or leaving angry red lines then you have the right rise setting. It's normal to have some sort of pressure marks on the skin after wearing a diaper; however, like a sock, they should fade. If it's in angrier or redier than you would get with sock compression the fit is not right. 


Okay but which one for which weight/size?


These are some general suggestions to help guide you to finding the best rise setting for your child. However, every baby is different based on their body shape. If these dont’ work try another one. Sometimes Nuggles diapers fit babies smaller than 8 pounds and bigger than 40 pounds.

  1. On Nuggles One Size Products you will choose the lowest set of snaps for children in the 8-12 pounds. 
  2. The second setting is ideal for children in the 12 - 20 pound size. 
  3. The third setting is often used on children 20 - 28 pounds, and open rise for those 28 pounds plus.  

Use this strategy with our Nuggles Simplee Diaper. 


On Nuggles Sized Products like the Fitted Cloth Diaper and the Tuck-Wrap-Go Covers, you can apply a similar strategy. The smallest rise setting for the lowest weight range, and fully open for the top of the weight range. 

If you’re using your Nuggles Covers over a fitted cloth diaper you might find you need a bigger rise setting to accommodate for the diaper compared to a prefold terry diaper which typically uses a smaller rise setting for a smaller product. 


How do I adjust the setting?

Take the top snap and snap it down into a setting you want. Check out this YouTube video for additional support. 

Only adjust the rise setting when needed. These snaps do not need to be undone when washing and will stay together in the wash. This is for simplicity. 

Do I push the rise setting up or down?


There’s a lot of conversation about how rise settings need to be pushed up to prevent leaking; however, at Nuggles we believe in doing what works for you. Because of how the Nuggles elastic and double gusset is designed, many families just leave the elastic sit naturally without any fussing. Some families find that pushing the rise setting down gives a better fit around the top of the leg. While others find that pushing it up makes a difference. 

We encourage you to find what works for your family, but if you're having fit troubles reach out to us at Nuggles and we'd love to help. 


More Questions? Concerns?


Bailey Bouwman

Bailey is a mom of two young and wild children living in the cold tundra of Northern BC. She had no idea what to do with her life and fell in love with cloth diapering where she continues her passion here at Nuggles as the Director of Happiness.