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How Many Cloth Diapers Do You Need?

It's up to you, but here are some recommendations to make this simple.

Whether you're planning to start from birth, or you are switching from disposables with your older baby, you can build your stash slowly by buying a few diapers at a time, or buying the recommended minimum amount all at once, based on the following factors:

  • how often you want to do diaper laundry 
  • how frequently you change your babies diaper daily 
  • newborns generally require more frequent changes, and older babies go longer between changes
  • whether you plan to cloth diaper fulltime (day and night) or part-time (day only, while at home only, etc.)

Our recommendation: for diapering diapering fulltime, and doing laundry every second day, we recommend purchasing at least 24 - 30 diaper changes. 

To break this down by diapering system, follow these recommendations:

AIO (all-in-one) or Fitted Diaper: with a built-in soaker, you'll need 24-30 diapers. (ie. Bittees Newborn AIO, BambooLUXE Fitted Diaper)

Hybrid: with a snap-in removable soaker, you'll need 10-15 diapers, and purchase 10-15 extra inserts as you swap out a wet soaker for a dry one and wash the shell after 2-3 uses. (ie. Simplee One Size Diaper)

Cover with inserts: this is a great cost-effective system, since covers (like the Tuck-Wrap-Go Cover) can be wiped and reused a few times with dry inserts before having to toss in the pail. This means you will need about 8-10 covers, with 24-30 inserts for newborns, and 20-24 or less for older babies.

Try out these suggestions

Finding the perfect number of cloth diapers for your family might differ from our suggestion. That's perfectly okay. 

There are many parents who wash their diapers every night and start with a stash of 6-10 diaper changes. There are parents who need bigger stashes to balance the other tasks in their life.. Finding that sweet spot might be different.

Be open to growing or shrinking your stash and consider a mixture of different styles to meet different needs. Consider how the Fitted makes an amazing night diaper, the Simplee is great for childcare situations and the covers remain our most economical route for day-to-day diapering. 

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Cherelle Arnesen
Editor / Contributor

Founder & Chi ef Designer of award-winning Nuggles Designs Canada & eco-apparel company RococoBum. Cherelle started her eco-parenting journey over 7 years ago and is passionate about eco-diapering and reducing waste. She loves to read & paint, is a bit of a Sci-fi geek, and avid Aquarist. She is mother to two boys who make her world complete.