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Fitted Diapers

If you're looking for the softest  cloth diaper ever, then may we suggest trying one of our BambooLUXE Fitted Cloth Diapers. 

What is a Fitted Cloth Diaper?

A fitted cloth diaper is a type of diaper made out of absorbent material that fastens to your baby just like any other cloth diaper system (think: pocket, AIO, cover). What makes it different is the fitted diaper doesn't have a waterproof exterior. What makes it different from a prefold or flat is that it has elastics and snaps to give it that perfect fit around baby's bottom.

It's JUST absorbency. You will need to add a cover if you want the diaper to be waterproof. Many families find the Nuggles Tuck-Wrap-Go Cover is the perfect compliment to this diapering system.

The Nuggles BambooLUXE

The Nuggles fitted cloth diaper is known as the BambooLUXE Fitted diaper. 

This year we have released a new dual stitching trim but the diaper remains the same beloved 2.0 version. 

The BambooLUXE Fitted 2.0 is available in two sizes. You can choose between the Size 1 diaper (5-20 lbs) or the size 2 (15-40lbs). The size 1 diaper fits newborns and small babies, while the size 2 is great for babies who are already 15lbs or bigger. 

Both sizes are feature the same design and characteristics. They both are made of an incredibly luxurious stay-soft bamboo/organic cotton blended velour. They both feature adjustable sizing with two rise snap options and cross over snaps. They both come with a single contour insert made of 4 layers of bamboo/cotton.

The absorbency on these diapers are customizable. Snaps in the front AND the back of the diaper allow you to place the absorbent insert where you need it most. You can also purchase ADDITIONAL absorbency if you need heavy wetter night time status with the overnight booster available here. 

Why a Fitted Cloth Diaper?

Fitted cloth diapers offer babies full coverage absorbency and this can be really valuable to babies who sleep in funny positions or just pee everywhere. The absorbency covering the entire diaper section gives a lot of space for reducing leaks and catching everything. 

Fitted Diapers also offer a good amount of absorbency while reducing bulk. They are full coverage, but they tend to offer a thinner cloth diaper experience in terms of the thickness on the bum. Of course, once you start adding absorbency this can fluctuate. Our fitted cloth diapers offer 

Fitted cloth diapers allow parents to use fewer synthetic materials. If you're not interested in using PUL covers it can be simple to fasten a fitted diaper and then pull on some wool pants for a full on natural experience. 

How to use a Fitted Cloth Diaper?

First, adjust the front rise snaps on the diaper. The smallest snaps are for the smallest fit and if you leave it open it's great for a larger fit. There's no right or wrong answer here. Find what works best for your baby's snape and size to ensure you have a snug fit around the legs. A snug fit helps ensure that your baby's fluids stay in the diaper and absorbed in place. 

Second, add your absorbency as needed, where it's needed. 

Consider adding the absorbency to the front of the diaper if you have a boy and to the back of the diaper if you have a girl. These guidelines work most of the time and you might find you need to do it different if you have a tummy or back sleeper. 

You don't need to use the four layer insert if you don't need it. Add it as needed. If you need more absorbency consider purchasing the 8 layer soaker for an additional 8 ounces of absorbency to last the night or even a nap (depending on your kid). The 8 layer soaker is sold separately. 

Third, Wrap the fitted diaper onto baby fastening securely in the front. The wings should be snapped to give a comfortable but secure fit. No need to pull tightly. 

Fourth, wrap on a waterproof cover. We might suggest that the Nuggles Tuck-Wrap-Go cover is the best fit for our diapers. It features an extra wide bum with double gussets for leak proof protection. The Tuck-Wrap-Go cover is sold separately. 





How to care for a Fitted Cloth Diaper?

Natural Fibres can be delicate. We recommend you do not use bleach, vinegar, lemon juice, fabric softeners, laundry additives, or high heat dryers to your wash routine. These thing can prematurely break down the fibres causing holes and changes in the diaper. 

Wash your fitted diapers as part of your cloth diaper wash routine. You can wash them with other cloth diapers starting with a cold pre-rinse, and then a heavy wash on warm with detergent. Diaper can then be placed in the dryer on low or air, or hung to dry. If you need more help with your wash routine reach out to us at Nuggles.

Regardless, even the most perfect wash routine will show wear with time. Natural fibres will break down eventually. This wear and tear is fine to continue use. The diaper will remain absorbent and functional until you can no longer attach it to baby. Many families have reported using our fitted diapers through multiple children and the velour continuing to remain soft. 

What else to expect? Linting is normal. The Velour will also adhere to itself and create a soft sherpa-like effect with time. 

Some families find overnight cloth diapers begin to stink over time or in the morning. If you're struggling with stink a simple first step to consider is to immediately rinse your diapers in the morning. 8-10 hours of pee is a lot and rinsing the diaper in the sink or shower can help make wash day an easier experience. 


Bailey Bouwman

Bailey is a mom of two young and wild children living in the cold tundra of Northern BC. She fell in love with cloth diapering where she continues her passion here at Nuggles as the Director of Happiness.  Bailey loves social media, chewy candies, and chasing waterfalls.