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Convincing Cloth Diaper Skeptics

Convincing the skeptics that cloth diapering is the cool, hip, modern new trend everyone should be doing is surprisingly difficult. For centuries we cloth diapered, and then disposable diapering grabbed hold of society and flipped us in a mere generation. 

It's astonishing if you step back and consider the power of disposable diaper manufacturers to completely flip the way we think about diapering. 

Do You Need to Convince Them?

Before we even jump down this path of trying to answer the questions and convince someone to cloth diaper, we should ask a few other questions ahead of time. 

  • Do I need to convince them to be able to cloth diaper? Or can I just do it, regardless of their opinions and judgement? You are a confident person who is capable of making decisions for your baby. 
  • Are they willing to listen and have the conversation? It might be best to wait for a better opportunity, a less stressful moment, or when they are in a better mood to have the conversation. Trying to convince someone when they are tired and stressed to do something they don't want to do might not be successful. 
  • Am I throughly prepared to answer their questions and provide them with the answers they have? If not go find them. Find out how they learn best, and prepare to teach them about cloth diapering in a way that compliments their learning styles. 



What is your WHY for cloth diapering?

Why is cloth diapering important to you and why might it be important to them? Being able to explain your reasons for this choice, and your passion, and your commitment can often go a long way.
Be sure to emphasize why it is important to you and why it makes sense to you. When we understand why someone wants to do something beyond our baseline assumptions it can give weight to the conversation. The story, the background, all helps build a powerful story of value. 





For many families, it's about the environmental impact of diapering and having the conversation about the various ramifications both disposable and cloth diapering has on the environment. 



Long term the cost of disposables adds up. Even though the month-to-month cost seems manageable, it can quickly add up to thousands of dollars over a few years. 



We don't know a lot about what is in a disposable diaper, but we do know about what is in a cloth diaper and can make choices on the types of diapers we use with our kids. 

For many kids disposable diapers lead to rashes and irritation, and these issues are less prevalent with cloth.



Maybe you have a different reason.

Maybe your passionate about supporting small businesses and women entrepreneurs.

Maybe it's just because cloth is cute. 

Maybe it's because cloth is normal to you. 

What about the Poop?

What about all that poop? 

First, its a good reminder to tell people we don't wash poop. Instead poop is flushed down the toilet to be processed with other human waste appropriately. Learn how to manage cloth diaper poop at this post. 

And secondly, washing machines can handle a little bodily mess, they clean everything from our underwear and other clothing items, to heavily soiled muddy coveralls.

Third, when we wash cloth diapers, we use warm to hot water to help kill the bacteria. A regularly cleaned washing machine with a solid wash strategy won't result in any potential problems. 

Cloth diaper families live on without any problems from washing dirty cloth diapers in our washing machines. Most people do, even non-cloth diapering families wash poopy clothes, peed on sheets, and other gross bodily fluids regularly. Cloth diapering is just the start of learning how to wash things. 

We don't wear single-use underwear.

And we don't throw out the sheets every time they get peed on.

Time and time again, cloth diaper parents talk about how little they actually handle poop. We rarely deal with blow outs because real elastics are here to save the day.  We only handle poop in the bathroom where we can wash our hands afterwards. Cloth diapers are designed to contain the blow-outs, even the most well-designed disposables are not.

Bonus: The gusset on the Nuggles Simplee & the Bittee is an extra elastic of awesomeness that lays against the skin and catches anything the first elastic didn't. 

Some people aren't going to budge on this. It's important to remember that. Some thoughts are ingrained and the way they see it might never align with the way it plays out for us. 

What About How Cloth is Awesome?

Cloth Diapering is not perfect, but cloth diapering does excel at many things compared to it's single use products.

 Sometimes, when cloth diaper users try disposable diapers for a week they begin to wonder why such an inefficient diapering strategy is popular. 



No middle of the night runs to the grocery store because your Amazon Prime order didn't come in time or because you simply ran out of diapers. 


Community - The cloth diaper community is an amazing place from the Facebook Groups to the Instagram Moms. These women have your back to support you and empower you to be the best mom you can be. 


Fewer blow outs. 

Yes, leaks happen, but the power of real elastics, PUL and absorbent natural fibres has disposable products beat. Many cloth diaper families never experience a car seat blow out like their disposable diapering friends. 


Makes your pictures a million times cuter? 

That's probably not the best answer to persuade someone but hey, cuteness is important. 

There's no saggy, dirty disposable diaper bum with cloth diapers. It's fluffy cuteness every day. 


Show Them

Ask what do they think when they think of cloth diapers.

You might be surprised at the answers. Take a moment to remember that you have been a research master and know we are talking about snap-on diapers with breathable TPU. They might be thinking about pull on rubber pants and pins. 

This is 2019. We do things a little differently. 

Purchase one to show them. 

Or visit a stockist or retailer to see them in real life. You might not find a cloth diaper retailer near you but might be surprised that the baby's stores have a small selection. 

Just Do It.

A lot of times partners and family don't want to do cloth because they are scared and they just don't know. It's foreign, it's difficult, and we've been engrained that it's harder, more challenging, and overwhleming. 

But is it really?

Cloth diapers have come a long in the past decade.

We have immense support networks, better washing machines and detergents, and some amazing cloth diaper designs to get you on the right path. 

A lot of cloth diaper parents will just start cloth diapering regardless of the big opinions of others and through their positive experiences, partners and family members begin to learn and understand that it's not what they thought it was. 

Sometimes the best way to convince someone is by showing them the success and ease of cloth diapering. Just go do it and you'll be awesome.



How did you convince your skeptic partner?

It can feel scary to make this decision when others are being negative around you. 

We welcome you to join the Nuggles Community on Facebook and find your tribe of mama's to support you in your cloth diapering journey. 

Share your story below in the comments or come join the conversation online. 


Bailey Bouwman

Bailey is a mom of two young and wild children living in the cold tundra of Northern BC. She fell in love with cloth diapering where she continues her passion here at Nuggles as the Director of Happiness.  Bailey loves social media, chewy candies, and chasing waterfalls.