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Ready to start cloth diapering? But one size cloth diapers are too big for your freshly born babe? Then the Nuggles Bittees is the perfect choice for the smallest of babies. 

What is a Bittees?

The Nuggles Bittees is the smallest diaper we make at Nuggles. It is an all in one cloth diaper meaning it's everything you need in one tiny package to cloth diaper your baby. With a sewn in microfibre absorbent core and butter soft stay dry lining this diaper is sure to make for a content newborn baby.  Our Bittees is designed to fit babies from about 5 to 15lbs. 

What makes the Bitte Amazing? 

The Bittees is a newborn cloth diaper meaning it features things you might not find on one size cloth diapers. To meet the needs of the youngest members of the cloth diaper community, we've designed the Bitte to stand up to the challenges of cloth diapering a newborn baby. 

That means we have included umbilical cord care. Two snaps at the front centre of the diaper can be snapped together to provide a divot to keep the diaper from rubbing on the healing belly of a newborn. Unsnap this when healed and you can continue to use the diaper until it no longer fits. The fleece might show when the cord care snaps are snapped. This might result in wicking out the front of the diaper. To reduce the wicking and leaks, change your baby often and be mindful of compression from baby clothes.

 Leaks happen, but they don't have to ruin an outfit. To protect your outfits, your car seats, and anything else that doesn't need to get dirty, the signature dual leg gussets adds an extra layer of protection. This gentle TPU gusset extending out from the core of the diaper sits gently on baby's thigh providing a ditch to catch the leaks.  Two sets of elastics at the back also keep it all where it needs to be: in the diaper. 

Need more absorbency? We know that newborn babies live their life on a liquid diet. Microfibre ensures this diaper performs like it should, but sometimes it's not enough. That's why an envelop opening at the front of the diaper allows you to tuck in our Signature Stay Dry Boosters or any other booster you might want to use. This opening keeps it in place and where you want. You can also use the pocket like feature of this diaper to add small boosters to the inside of the diaper. 

We kept it stay dry to keep babies happy. It's hard enough adjusting to the new world. Our micro fleece lining keeps baby dry and happy. The perfect diaper for any newborn baby. 

How do I get the Bittees to Fit My Baby?

The Nuggles Bittees (and Simplee) is designed with a unique gusset. This gusset is intended to act as a balloon and catch extra pee, if it happens. It's not like other guests. The first elastic in the crease of the leg and second elastic sits on the thigh.


When you place the diaper onto baby, fold it like a taco as you pass it between the legs allowing the inner elastic (wrapped in micro fleece, not the gusset elastic) to fall snuggly into baby's thigh. The second gusset will lay against baby's thigh. 

This second gusset does not need to be tight agains the leg and gaps are okay; we want the inner elastic to have a snug solid fit. 

Hold the front in place and with your other hand bring the wings to the front and a choose a bottom or top snap that gives a snug, but comfortable, fit to baby. This shouldn't be TIGHT or loose. It should just sit flat and still against baby's body. 

Which Waist Snap?

There are no traditional mid-diaper rise settings on the Nuggles Bittees. Instead, we rely on two rows of waist snaps to help customize the fit of your diaper. 

The first row of snaps is to fit smaller babies with smaller legs. 

The second row of snaps is ideal for bigger babies with bigger legs. 

You might find that that as your baby grows and changes body shape that you go between the top and the bottom snaps. That is okay and that is just the way it's meant to be. 

The Wing Trick

What's the wing trick? The wing trick, or wing sinch technique, or the angel wing trick, is the move you make to tighten the leg elastics. 

Simply pull the corner of the front panel UP AND ABOVE the diaper. This pulls on the leg elastic and gives a snug fit in the crease of the leg

It does look funny, and adds bulky to the front of the diaper, but if your babies legs are narrow it gives the best fit and reduces leaks. 

Why an AIO Diaper for a Newborn?

We make a lot of great newborn sized cloth diapers at Nuggles, offering size 1 diapers in our Tuck-Wrap-Go Cover and our Fitted Diaper. We even offer prefolds in smaller size 1 sizes. 

The Nuggles Bittees is an important part of your stash because it offers a great trim fit on tiny babies. You can use covers and prefolds all day long but sometimes you yearn for the simplicity of a disposable diaper? That's where our Nuggles Bittees fits in.

The Bittees are a simple, TRIM, convenient, cloth diaper for day-to-day use with small babies. They just fit newborns better than the Nuggles Simplee, and even trimmer than the covers. This is that diaper for when you have a cute outfit and nothing else fits. This is that diaper for when you're doing your health check and need something easy and straightforward. This is that diaper for when you're at home and just need something that works. 

The biggest down side is the absorbency can be a struggle for heavy wetters. We recommend changing regularly and using a booster like the Signature Stay Dry Booster if this continues to be an issue. 

How to care for an AIO diaper?

1. Take care of the poop. Breastfed poop is water soluble and can be tossed straight into the wash. However, meconium poop and formula-based poop will wash up better if removed first. Swish or spray it off in the toilet. 

2. A cold pre-rinse and warm wash cycle with a recommended detergent gets them clean. Check out our wash and care page. 

3. Toss them in the dryer on low, or hang to dry. The Bittees microfibre core will hang to dry quickly. 

We recommend that do not use bleach or dry clean your diapers. 

Please avoid high water temperatures as to preserve the TPU. This means you should avoid the steam cycle or sanitize cycle on your washing machine. 

Bailey Bouwman

Bailey is a mom of two young and wild children living in the cold tundra of Northern BC. She fell in love with cloth diapering where she continues her passion here at Nuggles as the Director of Happiness.  Bailey loves social media, chewy candies, and chasing waterfalls.